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First Steps to Buying a Home: Getting Prequalified

Buyer’s Guide to a Home Inspection

Should I get a Home Inspection? After reviewing all of the available houses in your area, we have found the house you want to buy. I have submitted an offer on your behalf, and we have negotiated a reasonable price. We now have a ratified Purchase and Sale Agreement on the home you are going […]

Interest Rates for Real Estate in 2019

Happy New Year everyone! We are already into the first week of 2019 and a hot topic in the Real Estate world right now is interest rates. With a few interest rate hikes last year, a lot of buyer’s are concerned with what kind of rates they can get and should they wait to buy […]

Interest Rates in 2017

Here is an article I found about the interest rates rising and what that means for buyer’s and seller’s.   The whole time I have been in real estate the mortgage rates have been actually very low.  They continue to be historically low not too.  Back in 2012 the interest rate was 3%!!! If only […]

Places Potential Buyers Will Check

An open house is a crucial component of the home sale process. Start with these tips for staging an open house, but don’t stop there. Potential buyers are likely to inspect all areas of the house. Yes, even your “junk drawer” and closets. Here’s a list of five often forgotten places that potential homeowners may […]

Winter Curb Appeal Boost

Regardless of the season, your home should make a good first impression on potential home buyers. Here are some helpful tips for boosting your home’s curb appeal during the winter months. Light It Up With less sunshine and shorter days, adding outdoor lighting to your home will help illuminate it and could make it more […]

Family Holiday Card Staging Tips

A family holiday card is a great way to show your friends and family your beautiful home. Between finding the time take the photo and choosing the right setting, mailing the holiday card can be a daunting task. These holiday hints can help make the process much more pleasant. Avoid Matching Outfits Your family should […]

Home Decor Projects When Snowed In

Sometimes it’s hard to see the upside of harsh winter weather, especially when snow storms leave you stuck inside. However, you can take advantage of a snow day by using the opportunity to improve your home decor. Here are some simple DIY projects for when you’re snowed in. Ask your children to help out (safely) […]

Holiday Baby Proofing Tips

  If you’ve got a little one this holiday season, don’t make the mistake of being unprepared. This time of year brings about unique potential dangers for him or her that you might not have considered. Follow these five tips on how to baby proof your home for the holidays. 1. Skip the tablecloth Infants […]

Winter Maintenance Tips, Let it Snow!

Winter can be tough on your home, from the snow and ice forming on the exterior, to heater failures or pipes freezing. Here are some tips for each aspect of your home’s protection so you can keep your family warm all winter long. A Little winter maintenance can go a long way. 1. Heating System […]