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Guide To Buying A Home

Kaitlyn Espada

A Real Estate transaction is a complex and time consuming task. A successful Real Estate transaction requires experience, knowledge, and most importantly tenacity. Finding a realtor who can represent YOUR needs can make the difference between a dream and a nightmare.

Many people believe they cannot achieve property ownership for many reasons and/or do not know the process of purchasing property. I always strongly encourage everyone to know what their financial options are, where they stand financially and how to make educated and informed decisions based on their personal situation, for their next best move. In my opinion homeownership is one of the smartest and most important investments you could make. If you are ready to find out about what it takes to make property ownership happen for you, please read through my FREE Buyer’s Consultation packet and schedule a FREE Consultation with me.

  1. Get Pre-Approved 
  2. Let The Search Begin! 
  3. Make an Offer 
  4. Home Inspection and More Negotiations 
  5. Clearing the Home Title 
  6. Getting the Appraisal
  7. Well and Septic Inspection 
  8. Yay! We Made It To Closing! 
  9. What Not To Do When Purchasing A Home

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“A Guide To Buying A Home”

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